December 6, 2017:


It's COLD here. Cold and windy. But the Sun has been out for the past 2 days so it's bright, and that helps me to bear the cold and the short days. Only 15 more days to Winter Solstice, and then each day, a few more minutes of daylight will magically begin to be added, and even though the cold and snow will continue, the "worst" will be over because I know we are over the hump and headed toward the Spring Equinox.

Meanwhile, I am busy decorating the tree. I dug out an old collage of photos from the former Maison Newton (above). Gosh, that was a beautiful fireplace. My current gel fuel fireplace is great, but no match for that large and lush gas fireplace in my former home. In my case, downsizing meant not only much less square footage and a single story (which IS nice), but no fireplace until I purchased my gel fuel fireplace. I love it, but there was only one wall I could put it on, and this current living room is much smaller than my former living room, so I sized the fireplace accordingly. (It was also much less expensive and did not need to be installed by professionals).

Yesterday I womaned up and muscled, huffed, puffed, cussed some, breathed heavily and heaved mightily to get my Christmas tree up the basement stairs and dragged into the living room, and then into position in front of the picture window overlooking the front of the house. Whew! Quite the work-out. But I wasn't ready this year to switch to a "single woman of a certain age" (4 foot tall) tree. Maybe next year...NAH!


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Stella McCartney's Color Block Optical Illusion Dress

I've been reading about this style of dress here and there.  It was featured at OMG Yahoo a few weeks ago and one of the sewing blogs I follow wrote about it a few days ago.  Personally, I think the original tri-color version is fall off the bar stool ugly. The women who are wearing the look are not in need of any figure enhancement illusions!  How would such a dress work on someone like me - with more padding around the waistline than is good for me?  Wouldn't do a damn thing, darlings!

This version of the Stella McCartney dress costs $1595.  For what, I ask you?  Of course, if you're Kate Winslet, you can afford that kind of piffling money for a new look but, trust me Kate, your're gorgeous without any "figure enhancing illusion."  Don't let anyone tell you you're not drop dead gorgeous because you're not built like a frigging walking stick!  Here's the story at the Beloved Rag, The New York Post.  You can see another (different) photo of the beautiful Ms. Winslet in this dress, as well as photos of Kim Kardasian in the identical dress and Liv Tyler (wearing a blue and black version) from Fox News.

Sorry, Stella, the white top part emphasizing the boobs looks
like a poorly-executed cheerleader's outfit.

I found not one but three similar looks while window shopping at Macy's online, each less expensive than the other and all under $100 (one on super-sale)!  Fashion Nirvana!
Calvin Klein color block sheath, $139.50 on sale for $79, Macy's.
NY Collection color blocked sheath, $54 at Macy's.
Yes, that's the regular listed pricde!

Alfani color-blocked dress, Macy's, $99.
I like the capped sleeves and neckline particularly.

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