July 16, 2017:
Hola! Where does the time go, Geez Louise! Half summer is already gone, and I am first now updating this from last December, tsk tsk. Bad Jan! So, been busy puttering around the yard, as always, and paying more attention than I probably should be to politics. The kitchen "remodel" is on hold due to budgetary constraints, but I hope to have that remedied before the end of the year. And I have yet to paint the guest room - it's only been 3 years now since I moved in to this version of Maison Newton, I'm not lazy or anything, nope... LOL! Take care and have a great rest of the summer. Jan

Friday, November 11, 2011

How to Put an Outfit Together

Okay, I hate to seem like an advert for Sam Moon, but he (or they, or it) keeps coming up with these fantastically enticing emails.  At least, I find the enticing!  Here's the latest from - what else - 11/11/11!

Sorry!  Couldn't capture the entire image in a single screen shot, the top part was cut off.  I do love the suggested accessories, even if the outfit leaves much to be desired.  I am a professional woman, and cut-out sweater without something underneath and black jeans just do not cut it in my world.  So, come on designers, get with the program.  There are millions of us professional women out here waiting for you (DESIGNERS) to give us decent, figure-flattering outfits to wear.  Please do not hate "boobs."  Tits and ass probably did not get us where we are, but we have them, nonetheless!  Especially when we get older...

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