July 16, 2017:
Hola! Where does the time go, Geez Louise! Half summer is already gone, and I am first now updating this from last December, tsk tsk. Bad Jan! So, been busy puttering around the yard, as always, and paying more attention than I probably should be to politics. The kitchen "remodel" is on hold due to budgetary constraints, but I hope to have that remedied before the end of the year. And I have yet to paint the guest room - it's only been 3 years now since I moved in to this version of Maison Newton, I'm not lazy or anything, nope... LOL! Take care and have a great rest of the summer. Jan

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tearing Apart My Bedroom - Part 3

Hola darlings!

Instead of working upstairs hanging my new mosquito net canopy over my newly-repositioned bed, I'm down here in the family room watching the sun going down (its big window faces west) and blogging!  I'm hungry too, hmmmm.  Well, haven't had a thing to eat since an egg sandwich for breakfast this morning.

I'll eat - later.  Right now, I want to post yet more pictures about my epic bedroom adventure :)

Ohmygoddess! Who is that handsome man?  That was Mr. Don circa 1999,
the year we met...  This is a "vignette" of part of my triple dressser.  See, I
know the word!  Next to Mr. Don is a soapstone carving of the Egyptian
Cat-Goddess, Bastet.  She is so beautiful!  I have had her for a long time.  Mr. Don
and I were on a shopping expedition one year when I bought her.  I am NOT a cat-lover,
but Bastet is special.   Pagan that I am, I have prayed to her many times.  She usually comes through.
That sort of silvery-bronzey base belongs to one of  a pair of - well, I forget what the hell they're
called - they go on top of dining-room boufets!  Screw that.  I like them for my
dresser.  Except, one was defective at the top of the "arc" and wobbles. I stuffed
cardboard in it and it works just fine.  But right now the second lamp is minus lightbulb.

This  music box is very special to me.  I purchased it in 1999 in Las Vegas'
Shopping Mall (yeah, the big expensive one right on the strip).  It holds keys to - I
have no idea any longer, actually.  Old, dead suitcases that were trashed long ago,
my jewelry box, I think, that's the green thingy that I want to tell you about, and
assorted pins, nails, and picture-hanging thingies.  I bought this the first time I
went to Las Vegas to meet/greet my soul-sister, Isis a/k/a Georgia.  When I wind it up,
it plays "Hero" (Wind Beneath my Wings) made famous by Bett Midler in the smash
movie "Beaches," that made me cry.  And still does!
By the way, doesn't that wood veneer on my Hack's triple dresser look gorgeous!

Another important memento on the top of my triple dresser.  The first time Mr. Don
and I met face to face, we went to a festival down at the beautiful lake front of Lake Michigan.
I believe it was "Arab Fest."  In one of the many vendor booths we went through, we came across
this particular little box.  I said "ooooh!"  And Mr. Don bought it for me.  It is genuine
rosewood and genuine bronze fixtures but, alas, the "

Oh!  That thing in the green bag - it's a battery-operated horsey from Madrid~
Ir's the cutest thing ever!  It comes with a post.  You string a line (string) from the horse
to the post and then turn on the horse and he goes round and round and round forever,
or until the battery runs out.  If you don't use the string/post set-up, the horse will
just run away from you...  At the edge of the dresser is one of three "scores" I made some
years ago while shopping with my sister, Debs.  We were at Stein's (another Milwaukee
institution) going through the clearance sections when I spied these plastic containers.
Perfect for use in the bath - I' bought 3 and 2 of them are in the upstairs bath!  This one
corralls my body cream, cologne and perfurmes!  They're all mostly ancient - I hardly ever use.
"Horsey" is sitting on top of some board-games research (and a few photos, too). One of
the reasons I'm "redecorating" is to get control (I hope) of my clutter and piled-up research
all over the damn house, once and for all!

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