December 4, 2016: Hola everyone! Winter has arrived in Milwaukee and there are snow flurries today. Despite several hard freezes remarkably my "spikes" in two of my patio planters have absolutely refused to die. The rosemary and thyme plants I nursed inside the house through last winter spent the summer in their pot outside next to the side stoop off the driveway, where they get plenty of sunshine all day long. I transplanted them into a cozy sheltered spot right next to the stoop in October and they are still green and growing, too! With the delay in getting the drywall patching done in the relatively minor "reconstruction" work I had done in my kitchen, I am way behind my time in getting the house decorated. But yesterday I got my wreath decked out with extra lights and dressed the front door of the house, and my battery-operated traditional candles were put up on the window sills all around the house Friday evening. It becomes a ritual to go around at dusk and turn the tops to the right to turn the candles "on" and at bedtime to go around and turn the tops to the left to turn the candles "off." Today I put some "glittery" throw pillow covers purchased new last month from H&M on three of my sofa pillows to glam things up a bit in the living room and add some sparkle. Later on, after I sufficiently fuel myself up with wine and snacks and probably to distract myself while I listen to the Packers game on the radio, I will huff and puff and pull my artificial tree up from storage in the basement. I will decorate it simply this year. Every year I say that, and every year I end up throwing just about everything except the kitchen sink on the tree. I am very proud of myself this year, though. I did not buy a single new ornament or Christmas doo-dad for the house (throw pillow covers don't count!!!) Happy Holidays to all, with hope and fervent prayers for 2017. I've a feeling we're all going to need a lot of help from Goddess in the coming year. Jan

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Finishing Up Decorating the 2012 Christmas Tree!

Hola, darlings!

I am finishing up the long process of decorating my Christmas tree.  It is almost ready for prime time, but my livng room is a mess, so no photos of the nearly finished tree are posted tonight.

During the week I'm just too wrung out after putting in an 8 hour plus day at the office plus the trip there and back to do anything to finish off decorating the Christmas tree.  So, it sat there with some internal dressing that I put on over the Thanksgiving Day weekend until today, when I finally had the time and energy to do it justice. 

Today I took several long hard swallows, made sure I had taken my blood-pressure meds on time, and I tackled putting on the French ribbon:

This is what my tree looked like after the first spool went on.  Hmmm....

A view from the corner.  Oh my, not looking very good, plus my "leader" at the top of the tree is decidedly crooked.  Great, just great NOT.  Plus, you can see all the crap piled up around the room, including my "shawl" sprawled over the pack of the chair at the desk.  I wear it while working on the computer cuz I get cold, darlings!

Then I put on the second spool of ribbon.  I am going to run to Walgreens tomorrow and buy another spool to use next year, if they still have this ribbon in stock.  They had it a few weeks ago, but no telling what they may have now...

Here are pics after the second spool of ribbon went on the tree:

Ach!  I think I'll just tear it all down right now...

Well, from this corner it maybe doesn't look quite so pathetic, but nobody stands in this corner to look at the tree!

I did NOT futz with the ribbon.  I like how some of it turned out, and hate how some of it turned out.  That's par for the course.

And then - TA DA! - at long long last I brought down from the spare room/former den/former library/now big fat mess room the box that I received from Paul Michael Company earlier this year.  I think it may have been January?  I ordered these "feather garland" to use on the tree after Christmas 2011, I think.  My memory isn't so good anymore, so don't quote me on that. The box has been sitting on top of my ratty old bookcases that I absolute hate and want to replace but can't afford to ever since then.  Gathering dust.  Achooo!

Anyway, here's the scoop:

Woo woo!  I cut open the jerry-rigged box.  Paul Michael Company does not do internet orders and ordinarily does not ship -- at least, not when I ordered my feathers last year.  But they were so very accomodating to this northern gal, I will forever sing their praises.  After email communications, I telephoned in my order and gave my CC info.  As you can see, on the other end of the line the folks at Paul Michael Company had to create a box large enough and sturdy enough to ship my feathers.  It worked!

 White stuff greeted me after I removed the tape and gingerly pushed back the "top" of the box...

I unwrapped the white stuff, to reveal THE FEATHERS!

They are not real feathers.  They are made out of something that is sort of like poly-plastic???   But as you can see, they sure look like the real thing if one is not right on top of them. 

Here's a close-up of the wonderful coloration:

Enough for tonight.  I'm pooped.  It's almost 11:45 p.m. and way past time for bed.  More tomorrow.

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