December 6, 2017:


It's COLD here. Cold and windy. But the Sun has been out for the past 2 days so it's bright, and that helps me to bear the cold and the short days. Only 15 more days to Winter Solstice, and then each day, a few more minutes of daylight will magically begin to be added, and even though the cold and snow will continue, the "worst" will be over because I know we are over the hump and headed toward the Spring Equinox.

Meanwhile, I am busy decorating the tree. I dug out an old collage of photos from the former Maison Newton (above). Gosh, that was a beautiful fireplace. My current gel fuel fireplace is great, but no match for that large and lush gas fireplace in my former home. In my case, downsizing meant not only much less square footage and a single story (which IS nice), but no fireplace until I purchased my gel fuel fireplace. I love it, but there was only one wall I could put it on, and this current living room is much smaller than my former living room, so I sized the fireplace accordingly. (It was also much less expensive and did not need to be installed by professionals).

Yesterday I womaned up and muscled, huffed, puffed, cussed some, breathed heavily and heaved mightily to get my Christmas tree up the basement stairs and dragged into the living room, and then into position in front of the picture window overlooking the front of the house. Whew! Quite the work-out. But I wasn't ready this year to switch to a "single woman of a certain age" (4 foot tall) tree. Maybe next year...NAH!


Friday, March 8, 2013

Yearning for a Round "Library" Table, Part 2

Hola darlings!  Thank Goddess it's finally Friday!  I don't care it's supposed to rain all weekend.  It's getting lighter and lighter earlier and earlier every day, and as of Daylight Savings Time switch an hour ahead on Sunday, the sun won't be going down until close to 7 p.m.!  Woo woo!  I already more peppy and energized. 

Guess what!  I bought my youngest sister's Queen Anne style console table last night (after I posted here) -- she gave it to me for my original ridiculously low offer price, even though I offered her 2x as much, which was probably a fair price (though she wouldn't get it on Craiglist or at a rummage sale).  I also had to tell her, regretfully, that I would not be able to use the lovely teal wing chairs after all, because they just won't "go" with the celedon, white and taupe color scheme I'm putting into the family room.  Those chairs will probably haunt me.  I've always liked them. 

But, with chairs or without, I found some lovely round tables - on a smaller scale than the traditional "library" or "hall" table, at many price points.  I kept to my decision to shop for smaller diameter tables (1) to fit into the space and (2) not look like a duplicate dinette table which is only a few feet away through a wide-open doorway!  My dining table is 56" diameter.  Let it be noted, though, that if I had a large enough space that was more closed off from the dinette, I wouldn't hesitate to shop for a round dining table to serve as my library table!  As it is, however, here are the smaller tables:

Table above -- Hooker Pedestal Accent Table in a "rustic" style/finish, found at Mathis Brothers.  Specs:

Width (side to side)30"
Height (bottom to top)25"
Depth (front to back)30"

It is priced at $349.95.  I like this table (1) for its styling and (2) for its finish.  Love the contrasting finish and the "country" or "shabby chic" look -- but it's not over-the-top.  This table's lines are elegant!  Its finish would relate to the new color scheme that will be in my family room and its lines, as well as its finish, are different enough from my near-by dining table in the dinette as to not make one blink about two round tables in relatively close proximity.  

I found the table above at Wayfair. Isn't she pretty!  I love the classic lines and the two-tone finish accented in gold.  Tres Napoleonic Directoire!  It is the Stein World Pedestal End Table 11404 and is priced at $359.99.  Specs:  31" H x 32" W x 32" D.  As a practical matter, I will probably own my black finished with gold brass trim entertainment center for many more years, and this table's finish is a lovely bridge between the black and wood-tone elements I've got going on in both my family room and the dinining area.  The pedestal design also somewhat echos the pedestal design on my dining table, without being in any way a copy.  It would fit beautifully -- and I also like that it is 6" taller than the Hooker table, and a wee bit wider, as well (2").

What can I say about the beautiful table above?  It is a reproduction of a Round Regency Pedestal Table from Scully and Scully, selling for $2,950.  It is a much larger diameter table than my other chosen tables -- it's 44" diameter and 30" tall, mahogany, its top and edge of slip-matched swirl mahogany veneers, and made in America to boot!  What's not to love?  Oh, if only I had unlimited wealth and a larger space.  Look at that finish, and the design is just exquisite. 

I found the table above at  Its the Kalepso Table made in Indonesia by native craftsmen -- handmade, hand-finished.  Each table is slightly different.  She's a beauty, isn't she! Love that center "crown" underneath the center of the table, lots of sexy curves too and no MDF used.  She is priced right now at $179.99.  Specs: 

Dimensions:  28 in. dia. x 28 in. H
Materials:  Indonesian hardwood
Model No:  MJ709 
This table is the smallest in diameter of the tables featured above (but not the shortest), but she is so lovely, and that price, just amazing, actually, considering she is entirely hand made and one of a kind, made to specs but when one is dealing with hand-made, well, hand-made things don't always measure up to machine-made specs!  The trade-off is the price versus those extra inches to hold a lamp, and some books, and still have room to set down a drink. 

Oh, I don't know, I don't know.  Maybe I could buy one of the under $1,000 tables with part of my income tax refund -- but I seriously need to put money aside for a new roof and don't need to be buying ANYTHING right now, not even replacing my worn-out slide-ons.  And then there is the issue of the over-large (queen size) sofa sleeper that I really like, and the matchy Chippendale style wing chair, also too large for the space (realistically), and the 1986 entertainment center -- and I'm reading way the hell too many blogs and being pulled in way the hell too many different directions design wise!  I need to go eat a baked potato right now, I think. 

I need to attend to my P's and Q's first, and get the rest of the wallpaper removed, the walls primed, the drywall damage fixed, and THEN everything painted, including the woodwork. The new curtain rods installed, bookcases -- what on earth am I going to do with those bookcases?  EEK!  May be finished right around January 1, 2018, which is my target retirement date. 

Okay, now I'm thinking about my study.  Maybe I've been cursed...

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