November 5, 2018:


Daylight Savings Time has come and gone and once again I'm left to struggle with how much just this one hour shift goofs up my internal clock! Sigh.

The new photos in the header are neighborhood trees - they turn so beautifully! And this year my tree planted 2 years out front by the City in my curb area has turned a marvelous red. I should have taken a photo of it on Saturday. Yesterday we got a southeaster with lots of rain and strong winds gusting to 40 and 50 mph most of the day, starting in the pre-dawn hours, and nearly all of the leaves are gone now! So I'll have to wait until next year. I KNEW I should have taken those photos, drat!

Thanksgiving will be with us soon, and then the move toward the Winter Solstice, which is the most important day to me because then the days start getting LONGER AGAIN a few minutes a day, YAY!!! and of course, Christmas , an important holiday for many of us. Those events get me through the dark, the severe cold, the blizzards and the dreariness of weeks without seeing sunshine that southeast Wisconsin winters often bring.

I've got plans for how to get through the dark at 5 p.m. doldrums, people! Plans!


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Winter Refuses to Leave!

Southeast Wisconsin - what can I say?  I'm going to sit down at my kitchen table and try to get the rest of my tax returns for federal and state done today.  UGH!  I was going to go to the Post Office tomorrow to mail them certified mail, but I think I'll wait until this late "spring but actually winter" storm passes, which it is supposed to do on Tuesday, the filing deadline day.  UGH! 

Right on schedule as forecast, the storm hit here Friday afternoon with strong gusting winds, dropping temperatures, and torrential downpours.  Saturday - pretty much the same.  This morning, not a surprise since it had been forecast - ice storms and snow, including lake-effect snow - heavy snow.  Gee thanks, Lake Michigan (NOT!)  More of the same forecast for tomorrow.

Tuesday is supposed to warm into the 40s and hopefully all of this crud will melt, because it certainly isn't going to be ice-picked away by me, for sure!  A couple spring-time in SE Wisconsin photos for your viewing enjoyment.  I took these about 9 a.m.:

Looking northwest out of my front door.

Looking southwest out of my front door.
Three of my intreped squirrel tribe members, munching on hazelnuts by my Shezebo.
(Been feeding my tribe since 6:30 a.m. - they're coming in shifts today).
Once I get my 2017 income taxes done (yep, I figure only another 12 hours aughtta do it) later today, I promise I'll do some updating around here.  I was going to change out the photo collage at the top of the blog, for instance, for something more "spring-like," but not much in the mood for that today...

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