December 6, 2017:


It's COLD here. Cold and windy. But the Sun has been out for the past 2 days so it's bright, and that helps me to bear the cold and the short days. Only 15 more days to Winter Solstice, and then each day, a few more minutes of daylight will magically begin to be added, and even though the cold and snow will continue, the "worst" will be over because I know we are over the hump and headed toward the Spring Equinox.

Meanwhile, I am busy decorating the tree. I dug out an old collage of photos from the former Maison Newton (above). Gosh, that was a beautiful fireplace. My current gel fuel fireplace is great, but no match for that large and lush gas fireplace in my former home. In my case, downsizing meant not only much less square footage and a single story (which IS nice), but no fireplace until I purchased my gel fuel fireplace. I love it, but there was only one wall I could put it on, and this current living room is much smaller than my former living room, so I sized the fireplace accordingly. (It was also much less expensive and did not need to be installed by professionals).

Yesterday I womaned up and muscled, huffed, puffed, cussed some, breathed heavily and heaved mightily to get my Christmas tree up the basement stairs and dragged into the living room, and then into position in front of the picture window overlooking the front of the house. Whew! Quite the work-out. But I wasn't ready this year to switch to a "single woman of a certain age" (4 foot tall) tree. Maybe next year...NAH!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Poor Lonely Goddess

After my last post (regarding bedroom redo), I had a brainstorm and thought "You should really really move your Goddess up to your bedroom."

And so I did.

But She was not very happy...
Not that I blame Her.  I mean, look at that wall.  Everthing is totally out of proportion to the Goddess!  She should be the most important thing on that wall!  But She is not.  And She is very beautiful, even though you can't really see it in this photo.

The object was to replace the 24x24 bird print that I had previously stuck up above this bureau and my vintage Lady Buxton jewelry box given to me by my Daddy when I was still a wee little lass (about 7 or 8, maybe).  That bird print just did not look right there. The proportions were just "off" -- can't explain it any other way.  It just didn't look "comfortable" there, just not right.  I ended up putting it somewhere else where I think it is now very happy.

After I removed the bird print, I had a hole in my wall above the bureau (where the hooky thing had been pounded into the wall to hold the bird print) that was crying out for something else to be hung there.

And so...

I got the idea for placing the Goddess on this acanthus leaf thingy while I was digging through my stash of stuff in drawers, closets and cupboards and I came across a pair of them. I believe this process is called "shopping your house."  The acanthus leaf thingys have holes through the bottom part and they used to hold up a lace scarf across the large window in my family room.  I took them down in November, 2009 when I put the house on the market and, against my own better instincts, I listened to a pair of absolutely clueless female brokers who told me that my house needed to be "decluttered."  I should have kicked them out right there and then...

Anyway, while I was initially very happy with this placement of the Goddess, and She seemed happy to be in the most intimate part of the house, I soon became worried that a good slam of the bedroom door would cause Her to fall off her perch.  So, I pulled out the rickety step-ladder, went to Her perch, and placed masking tape roundels onto Her base, and then stuck Her on to the acanthus leaf thingy.

She seemed sturdy enough, but still, I worried.  What if the lady who helps me keep this place clean bumps the wall and the Goddess tumbles to the bureau below?  Poor Goddess! I've already broken Her once and patched Her back together with Elmer's Glue-All. Poor already scarred up old bureau - with a new dent to be added, oh my. 

I have not sleep well since the night after I put Her up on that perch.

Fast forward to today.  As it so happens, I took a day off to go see my favorite doctor who doesn't scold me for refusing to have a colonoscopy or take my statin meds for my "high" cholesterol. I walked into my front room after my appointment just about noon.  Ahhhh, still plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the day!

This afternoon, I pulled out my rickety old step-ladder and carefully took the Goddess down from Her acanthus leaf thingy.  Goddess will stay in my bedroom, just not on the acanthus leafy thingy. 

Ideally, I would love to see Her enshrined in a sort of mini-grotto...

But for the life of me, I can't figure out how I'd achieve such a look that would be suitable to my rather conservative decorating esthetic.  Unless I buy a second-hand creche scene and junk most of it... or make a paper-mache "grotto" in which to place Her?  Hmmm.....

Ahem.  Fantasies aside, I re-thought using that old Home Interiors shelf that I'd cleaned up last Saturday.  Since I'm trying to redo this bedroom on the cheap and not buy anything new for it (other than the unsuitable brown lamp that I am still using), I have been digging through my various decorative thing stashes here and there about the house to see what I have that might be usable to fulfill my vision.  Well, the vision isn't going so well...  The shelf is in good shape and cleaned up very well.  All it took to finalize it's look was a tap here and there with my trusty narrow-head hammer (shielded with a dry washcloth) to tighten up the joints and voila, the shelf was as good as new!

So this afternoon I measured carefully and marked up my formerly pristine wall above the bureau with all kinds of pencil marks, and now I have a ton of pink erasure gunk that needs to be vacuumed up from the baseboard and carpet behind the bureau, and good luck doing that without pulling the sucker away from the wall.  What a pain in the arse!  Anyway, I stuck the shelf up on the wall and it looks to be hanging more-or-less even, ta da! 

Then I went through several EPIC FAILS trying to arrange the Goddess on the shelf; first alone, then when She looked far too alone, with this and that, and finally just nearly threw everything out the window but carefully put away the hammer and what-nots instead, for another day.

No pictures!  Not until the bedroom is finally finished.  Yeah yeah, I know I said that before.  But damn it, this time I mean it.  And so, there is only the image of my poor lonely Goddess perched precariously upon the acanthus leaf thingy, which qualifies as a "before" photo even though it was meant to be part of the "after"...

This evening the Goddess is on Her new shelf.  But She needs something more around Her.  I need to come up with something that will make Her look spectacular, while fitting into my decorating aestetic (whatever that is). Am I just imagining it, that I'm hearing the sound of an impatiently tapping foot...

I think I need to take a long hot bubble bath.  And drink three glasses of wine. Seriously.

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