July 16, 2017:
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Beautiful Bedroom: The Look for Less!

Prior post and inspiration photo:

Just a quick post tonight.  I want to show you a couple of beds I found, "reasonably" priced.  Of course, "reasonably" is in the pocketbook of the beholder.  Me, I wouldn't pay that kind of money for this kind of bed, I'd buy a much less expensive metal four poster instead, or go the route I did in my own bedroom and just hang a "four poster net canopy" from the ceiling around my regular old style bed with no posts of any kind that gives me the effect of draping around my bed for about $30. Hey, whatever works! 

These are very pretty, though, I have to say!

First option from Wendy Furniture, includes free shipping so that's a pretty good deal, the:

Carey Traditional Dark Wood Queen Poster Canopy Bed
Carey Traditional Dark Wood Queen Poster Canopy Bed
QUEEN HEAD BOARD 65.3" X 4.1" X 53.6"H
QUEEN FOOT BOARD 65.3" X 4.1" X 21.3"H
QUEEN RAIL 82" X 3" X 7"H
QUEEN CANOPY 64" X 88.1" X 83.9"H
This bed has much simpler lines than the inspiration bed, but an elegant finish and lines.  Nope, no curved upholstered headboard -- I did not find a bed like that online, I figure the one in the inspiration photo was probably custom made -- CHA CHING!  At $520, the Carey Traditional Poster Canopy Bed from Wendy Furniture would provide a fabulous Shaker or "Zen" like look for a relatively modest price.

Bed option 2 is more ornate in its design, closer in spirit, I think, to the bed in the inspiration photo, but it has a much darker finish than what appears to be a medium "Pecan" or "Cherry." 

CM7720Q Queen Size Canopy Bed in Espresso finish, from Shoppers Furniture.com:

Regular Price: $1,047.60
Your Price: $582.00
SKU: 38CM7720Q
Shipping NOT included in price - in home delivery will be extra (buyer beware)

Durable solid wood and veneers construction
Queen Size Canopy Bed
Espresso finish
Traditional style
Stylish furniture
Canopy Bed

1 x Queen Size Canopy Bed

Queen Size Canopy Bed:
88"L x 65-1/2"W x 84-1/2"H

This bed features curves in the posters and feet, as well as what appears to be a taller than usual headboard.  I love the dark finish.  It is sometimes difficult to tell from photographs, but overall I'd say this bed has a much more "substantial" presence and heft to it than either the inspiration photo bed or comparison bed #1.  This bed is definitely commanding!

More of the bedroom look for less tomorrow!

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