November 12, 2017:


It's hard to believe, but winter has arrived early in my hometown. One week it was in the 70s and gorgeous outside, the next week it dropped down into the 40s and then boom, less than a week later, into the 30s. We've already had several hard freezes, the earliest that's happened since I moved here in 2014. Anyway, the trees had not even begun to turn color yet in the neighborhood - and now most of them are bare due to the many hard freezes and strong winds that blew most of the days last week. Wowsers! Today, however, the sun stayed out all day, there was no wind to speak of, and the temperatures felt positively balmy outside. I was very glad because I had to be out and about today.

So, the poor trees did not have a "fall" this year but we did get enough rain to ease my mind that my pines and shrubs will have enough moisture in the ground to survive the winter. The squirrels are SO fat and SO furry, I can't help but think they know we're in for a bad winter. Sigh. I'm way behind in everything including lots of garden clean-up that now I won't get to unless we get a few days of "Indian Summer," which doesn't seem likely this year. I did, however, get everything outdoors pretty much put away, except for the area rug (it needs to be "washed" with some soap and rinsed off) and the mosquito net curtains on my Shezebo. Now I'm already thinking about Christmas, and soon it will be here, before we know it! So, I figured it's about time I put up my "autumn" photographs from prior years as the seasonal header here at Maison Newton. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, that will be here soon and then it's into full-tilt Christmas decorating. Take care, everyone!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

2012 Autumn Around Maison Newton

I saw this intriguing recipe for Fettucine Alfredo at Love, Pomengranate House, and decided - it was too good to be true.  Way too easy!

And so I tried it out for myself Friday night.  Guess what?  It worked!  Perfectly.  For myself, I made 1/4th of the full recipe, and it was a just the right size serving portion.  I eyeballed the dry fettucine pasta - a double handful and then broke it in half into a pot of boiling water.  I will try the chicken recipe next.  I can tell you, the Fettucine Alfredo is DELICIOUS!  It almost feels like a sin or something to have a recipe this simple and this delicious!  Oh my!  [Postscript:  I discovered that if the heat is not set perfectly, the sauce has a tendency to break, but I learned shortly afterward from watching an episode of America Cooks on PBS that using a pinch or so of cornstarch in the sauce keeps it from breaking, and it works!  It took a little experimenting for my small portion of the original recipe, but using a quarter-teaspoon worked for me, sauce stayed intact and did not break even when it cooled.  Perfection!]

Except for the Packers managing to lose a won game earlier today, it was a good day around Maison Newton.  I changed the "autumnal mantle" somewhat -- added the second owl, added a lovely ceramic pumpkin that held a very nice floral arrangement I received at the office for my recent 10th anniversary there, and added some seasonally colored leaves around my piece of rescued wood from the back yard.  Here are some pictures:

I moved the smaller owl to a roost on the candle holder and added the second larger owl.  I lit them up last night with votive candles and they looked really beautiful!

I really love this piece of rescued wood from my back yard.  The texture, the color, the holes, the splits!  Gorgeous.  I dressed it up with some (not real) autumn leaves.

Here's the ceramic pumpkin.  It adds an appropriate seasonal touch, incorporating Harvest, Hallow'een and Thanksgiving.  I've got something in mind to add later on to the mantle as it gets closer to Hallow'een.

This morning, I don't know what prompted me to do it, but I did it.  I pulled out an old pair of smaller jeans stashed into a drawer for many many moons, and -- they fit! Whooppee! Actually, they fit around the waist (I'm getting a waist back!!!) and are about an inch loose in the hips and butt!

It was cold here today - the high only got up to 46 degrees F.  Brrrr!!!  I had to go to the supermarket to pick up some things, so I pulled out the winter jacket I wore to Madrid in January.  It looked a little big on me then in photos but now, well, it's now looking baggy.  Wow! I've managed to misplace about 15 pounds since going on a healthier eating spree at the beginning of June (before I was diagnosed with my heart problems with extra impetus now to shed excess pounds).  Today I hauled extra groceries home from my hike to the Pick 'n Save and I had the idea of weighing myself with everything on including by loaded cloth grocery totes just to see how much I hauled home those 9 blocks (mostly uphill).  Guess what -- well, you won't so I'll tell you -- I was lugging 28 extra pounds from what I weighed in my PJs first thing when I got up  this morning.  WOW!  I knew I was pushing it adding those extra few things to my cart but still, I had no idea.  No wonder I was slightly out of breath by the time I hit the top of the hill.  Whew!

Also had excellent news about the upcoming Hales Corners Chess Challenge XVI (October 20, 2012).  The most chess femmes we ever had play in an event was eleven, in Challenge IX; in Challenge XV in April, 2012 we had eight.  Early registrations for Challenge XVI have nine chess femmes already, so I'm hoping for twelve or thirteen chess femmes!  That would be absolutely wonderful.  Chess and getting more females to play it is a passion.

I put this together, hope you enjoy!

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  1. Love the owl and pumpkin! Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday!