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Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Look for Less: Ballard Design's Calais Bedroom 6

Shopping for a lamp!

I didn't think it would be this hard, but it is, oh my, it is.  A reminder of the beautiful inspiration lamp from Ballard Designs:

This is the Salerno Urn Table Lamp, 26" high, with a 16" round drum shade in cream, for $139.  The lamp alone (which is a wood lamp) is $99.

I have not come up with many alternatives.  Here is one I found that I really like.  It does have a drum shade (although not in cream) and it is an urn-shaped lamp (but not in wood).  From Home Decorators online:

She sure is pretty, though -- I love her curvy base :)  This is the Rhea Table Lamp for $99.  It is 24" tall in a brown (distressed) finish and I believe the shade is 13" in diameter, so it is smaller than Salerno's 26" and 16" round shade.  The shade appears to have a texture like burlap.  I don't know exactly what the lamp base is made of -- I did not see it listed at the website, but I assume it is some kind of composite material.  I like the look just as it is, but for a lighter base one could try some watered-down homemade chalk paint perhaps... 

Does this lamp look familiar:

This is the Aline Table Lamp also from Home Decorators online.  It's much larger than the inspiration lamph, but very similar.  Aline measures in at a whopping 34" tall, with an 18" drum shade.  The price: $179.  The base is wood.  A 34" tall lamp on a bedside table, probably not...

I also found the Ottsman Table Lamp at Home Decorators online:

"This table lamp is expertly crafted of resin in an antique balluster finish for old world charm. The off-white linen shade includes decorative printed images of French monuments and cursive writing."  I'd say that shade ties in with the Calais look... The Ottsman is 27.5" tall and has a 15" round shade, for $119.00.  The base finish is "antique wood."

That didn't seem so difficult, did it... but when I tried finding similar lamps for the same or a lower price ($139) of the inspiration lamp at other venues, I just didn't have luck at all.  I saw plenty of lamps I really liked, but they were, in many cases, pretty far removed from the look of the inspiration lamp. I was stretching it as it was, although the lamps could, as I noted, have their bases lightened with chalk paint (or your other finish of choice) for the white-washed look of the inspiration lamp; or, they were ridiculously expensive!  Who would pay $500 for a lamp?  But - some people must, otherwise the lamps would never be listed at that price!  Guess I'm just a cheapskate.

I looked at Wayfair and didn't find a single choice!  I looked at Sears online and didn't find anything, either.  I looked at Target online.  Bellecor (forget that idea!)  Straight google searches.  Ach!  I checked out Kirkland's online.  I found a lamp I really like -- but it has nothing to do with urn shape, darlings :)  I tried Boston Store - nope. 

And so, I give up.  Hopefully you will like one of my suggested alternatives; but if you find something that's a good match for a good price, would appreciate you letting me know :)

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