May 20, 2018:


Yesterday Prince Harry married American Meghan Markle and I couldn't get enough of the royal wedding. What a gorgeous dress, the bride was radiantly beautiful and the church at Windsor - oh my goodness, the flowers alone were soooo beautiful. There's nothing like a good love story to make one appreciate how precious we can be (and should be) to each other.

I'm glad the weather was perfect yesterday for the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex's wedding. I can't say the same for around here. Spring keeps teasing and then going away. This morning I woke up to a "balmy" 47 degrees F outside, rain, damp, and I turned the heat back on! It's May 20th, the heat. should. not. be. on. Period.

Last Thursday, however, was beautiful. I was able to get a goodly amount of yard and garden clean-up done over several days last week. I also took some photos of my flowering tree anchoring the north corner of my house and made the current collage. I think it's an ornamental cherry, and on the the other end of the house, I think that's called a purple sand cherry? I'll have to check that. The blossoms on the tree do not have a distinct fragrance, but the purple shrub that wants to be a tree (despite my hacking it back, back and back yearly - I'm losing, by the way) has myriad blossoms with a distinct fragrance. I can't decide if the scent is too beautiful to bear or too awful to smell, it certainly can be overpowering!

This coming week will be the third cut of the grass this season. We had rain late Friday night and then for several hours earlier this morning. This rain, on top of the rain we had over four days the prior weekend, and the grass is growing like nobody's business! I don't mind doing the grass, though, as long as it's not too hot, too cold, not raining, and not too windy. I'm not picky at all, am I...

I still have a lot of raking out of areas that suffered from snow mold over the winter, and have not yet really tackled cleaning out the north flower bed in the backyard. That will be a chore!

But Memorial Day weekend is coming. This coming Saturday I will be out with a friend (who has a nice large van - goody!) stocking up on potting soil, top soil to fill in never-ending low spots in the yard, grass seed, and lots of plants! For some reason, this spring seems busier than those in prior years. I can't figure out why that is...


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Unexpected and Unusual Christmas Trees! Part 1

Hi everyone!

For the many days past, whenever I've had a chance (not often), I did some searches for Christmas trees that were decorated in tawny colors; neutral colors; pearl colors; white; black (just for the heck of it); etc. etc. 

Well, one never knows what one may get in a search result at Google, or any other search engine either (Yahoo is especially wide-ranging!!!)  And one never knows from where one may receive incredible inspiration. I came across a couple of these trees during my searches that were so entirely different than anything I've encountered before, I just had to write about them.

But -- I also got my primary inspiration for doing this post from an entry to a blog party.  So, without further ado, I hope you will enjoy this assembly of unconventional and interesting Christmas trees that may not, exactly, be trees at all!

Not in any order at all, except I'm trying to mix up the more "conventional" and "unconventional":

(1)  From a November, 2011 article from Missouri News Tribune:

O Christmas tree, with so many styles, we adore thee
Sunday, November 27, 2011
It's not an image of a full tree.  But I could SOOOOO see these colors on my tree since I added my Paul Michael Company long, tall "feathers," as represented in the beautiful butterflies, pine cones and other "tawny colored" elements!  The colors would go perfectly!  I'm thinking ahead to my 2013 Christmas tree, with my precious faux feathers (all 6 of them) installed!!!
(2)  This is THE TREE that inspired me to write this post, from Turtles and Tails blog.  I love how it was gathered, and I love how it was done - actually put together, and I love the love that was behind it's creation:

Christmas Tree Off the Wall? No, It's on the Wall!
November 26, 2012

(3)  From
by Marie Look

More tomorrow!  I'm thinking that I need to buy me some mesh "ribbon!"

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