January 31, 2018:


Today is the Super Duper Blue Red Full Eclipse Partial Eclipse Moon, depending on where you may be viewing from.

Three years ago this day was my last day of working and I retired after 46 years of full-time work. I've enjoyed every single moment of my retirement since then - three years and hoping for twenty more, we'll see how things go...

February and March can be cruel months in southeastern Wisconsin where I live. January itself was nutso here weather-wise, with two separate thaws. I don't ever remember getting two January thaws before, and many years none happened at all.

Before I know it I'll be headed to Las Vegas to visit my friends and celebrate some sunshine and warm weather, and see a show (I always try to squeeze one in). Meanwhile, I am continuing, slowly, to make this smaller retirement ranch into a home that makes me smile in every room. I still have lots to do, including major painting projects. I keep putting them off. Seems at 66 I'm not so keen on painting as I was at 36. Gee, I wonder why...


Monday, April 8, 2013

Taste: Are We All Marching to the Forced Beat of the Same Drum?

While reading the news about Margaret Thatcher's passing at The New York Times (one of my favorite sources), I saw and read this interesting article about modern taste and the seeming march of folks decorating their homes everywhere into mediocrity -- perhaps out of fear of being different?  Don't know, but it's a subject of deep personal interest to me.  See what you think:

The Question of Taste

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