September 24, 2016: I finally removed that Christmas header from last year, oh my! Much of the last half of 2015 and the first half of 2016 was absorbed in family matters. Now I'm returning to making this retirement home into a dream place for moi. The outside has been my passion this summer. There is just something about working with your hands in the earth. I established a new garden along the south side of the driveway and it is doing very well. I will do a feature on it soon. Fall is here, we've been getting too much rain here after a very dry summer that jacked up my water/sewer bill (if you use more water here, they automatically also raise your sewer bill, even if you are a single member household and your sewer usage hasn't increased) because my gardens needed watering and so did my front and backyards. I can't stand to let the grass go brown/dormant, it drives me nuts! And with the sod-web worm epidemic around here, not keeping the parts of the lawn NOT under attack by sod-web worm healthy can actually kill off your lawn altogether. My neighbor across the street three houses down learned that lesson the hard way, oh my! The entire curb-cut area across the front of his house died off from lack of water and no relief from the scorching sun we had all summer, in combination with a severe infestation of sod-web worm. Record temperatures and humidity in SE Wisconsin. May as well be living in southern Florida, for pete's sake! Yuk! Now I've got my Shezebo up, though, and I'm loving it! And too soon it will be time to put away all the summer furniture and accessories. But not yet! The trees are still very green in these parts, so I figure I have maybe another month to enjoy my Shezebo before getting her ready for winter. Meanwhile, I'm loving what the rain and slightly cooler weather has done for my lawns! And in a few weeks my new privacy fence along the north lot line is going to be installed! Whoop whoop! Take care! Jan

Saturday, June 28, 2014

And the Winner Is....

Two houses in contention, but I can only buy one...


And the winner is -- 3982.  I am closing on its purchase on Monday - finally!  It took a ridiculously long amount of time to get to this point.

I really really liked 4002, but in the end, I was swayed by the list of recent improvements that the owners of 3982 had undertaken: new siding on house and garage; new concrete patio in back yard; new privacy fence to screen patio; new furnace and AC unit in 2013; beautifully refinished hardwood floors in the bedrooms; newer architectural style shingle roofs on house and garage; new vinyl plank flooring in the kitchen/dinette in a luscious dark cherrywood tone (that clashes horribly with the oak finished cabinets); newly remodeled main floor bathroom; updated kitchen; new front and rear exterior doors; new windows; new sliding patio door with steps down to the backyard (not shown on any of the listing photos, but if you look in through the picture window above you can see straight back through the living room to the patio doors in the dinette). 

I still have tweaks of panic now and then that I bought the wrong house (4002 has many appealing aspects), but to back out now would be disastrous for the young couple buying my house, and the young couple selling me their house, and the people who are selling my sellers their house!  Just cannot do it.  My rational side tells me that I will have little to worry about for years to come in buying 3982, other than installing a new water heater in a couple of years and decommissioning the old chimney.  Oh, and the brick veneer across the front of the house needs to be "re-tied" to the studs in some places and the stone cap on the brick half wall underneath the bedroom windows needs to be reset.

So, I will live right next store to 4002 and be witness to see what the lucky person(s) who eventually move in do around the place; it is under contract but has been pending for months.  I believe the buyers cannot sell their house, or more likely, cannot sell their house for the money they need to afford to buy 4002. 

So, shortly I will be embarking on the next phase of my life -- that of living in a much smaller house and yards.  My hands are itching to get at it.  As you can see, 3982 doesn't have much curb appeal, and there is lots of painting and minor remodelling to do inside.  What a thing to take on nearly at my 63rd birthday.  Geez, Jan! 

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  1. Jan,
    Congrats on your new house!!

    Wow!! That is a lot to take on at this stage of the game......

    Joe and I met with a financial planner and Joe will be able to retire at 62 in 2 years. He will look for a part time job to give him something to do. I hope to be able to go part time in 18 months when 2 of my co workers retire at 62 y/o.
    If we can not Stay in this house because of the steps then we will go to a 2 bedroom maintainence free apartment!! That is want I want....Maintianence free!! n Just pick up the phone and it is fixed in 24 hours with no cost to me!!

    Maybe someday......

    Thanks so much for stopping by!! I am playing catch up...