July 16, 2017:
Hola! Where does the time go, Geez Louise! Half summer is already gone, and I am first now updating this from last December, tsk tsk. Bad Jan! So, been busy puttering around the yard, as always, and paying more attention than I probably should be to politics. The kitchen "remodel" is on hold due to budgetary constraints, but I hope to have that remedied before the end of the year. And I have yet to paint the guest room - it's only been 3 years now since I moved in to this version of Maison Newton, I'm not lazy or anything, nope... LOL! Take care and have a great rest of the summer. Jan

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ooooh, I Like It, I Like It...

More things I want (and cannot afford):
Jones of New York kimono sleeve cowl-neck cableknit sweater
$129 (currently less 15%) at Macy's.  Love everything about this sweater.
I love this sophisticated look. Black and white are
always chic.  I'm not into leggings, though.  I'm
still trying to find a pair of fashion boots I can
wear with my new sweater dress and tights!

Kensi color block sweater $88 at Macy's.
Love the detailing and the texture.

I've been shopping online for wide-width fashion boots - the kind to wear with knee-length skirts, sweater dresses, etc.  I've found about five pair at One Stop Plus - may pull the trigger on a purchase or two later today, depends on how the Packers game and the Brewer game go!  If they're winning and I'm happy, I will buy buy buy...

I also decided I want a bright red winter coat - better yet, a coat with a zip-out lining I could wear three seasons.  I need something that's a plus size (like 16W) but cut for a femme under 5'4" or a more generous "petite" cut like LL Bean features -- except they didn't have any red coats that I liked, boo hoo.

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