May 20, 2018:


Yesterday Prince Harry married American Meghan Markle and I couldn't get enough of the royal wedding. What a gorgeous dress, the bride was radiantly beautiful and the church at Windsor - oh my goodness, the flowers alone were soooo beautiful. There's nothing like a good love story to make one appreciate how precious we can be (and should be) to each other.

I'm glad the weather was perfect yesterday for the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex's wedding. I can't say the same for around here. Spring keeps teasing and then going away. This morning I woke up to a "balmy" 47 degrees F outside, rain, damp, and I turned the heat back on! It's May 20th, the heat. should. not. be. on. Period.

Last Thursday, however, was beautiful. I was able to get a goodly amount of yard and garden clean-up done over several days last week. I also took some photos of my flowering tree anchoring the north corner of my house and made the current collage. I think it's an ornamental cherry, and on the the other end of the house, I think that's called a purple sand cherry? I'll have to check that. The blossoms on the tree do not have a distinct fragrance, but the purple shrub that wants to be a tree (despite my hacking it back, back and back yearly - I'm losing, by the way) has myriad blossoms with a distinct fragrance. I can't decide if the scent is too beautiful to bear or too awful to smell, it certainly can be overpowering!

This coming week will be the third cut of the grass this season. We had rain late Friday night and then for several hours earlier this morning. This rain, on top of the rain we had over four days the prior weekend, and the grass is growing like nobody's business! I don't mind doing the grass, though, as long as it's not too hot, too cold, not raining, and not too windy. I'm not picky at all, am I...

I still have a lot of raking out of areas that suffered from snow mold over the winter, and have not yet really tackled cleaning out the north flower bed in the backyard. That will be a chore!

But Memorial Day weekend is coming. This coming Saturday I will be out with a friend (who has a nice large van - goody!) stocking up on potting soil, top soil to fill in never-ending low spots in the yard, grass seed, and lots of plants! For some reason, this spring seems busier than those in prior years. I can't figure out why that is...


Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Bed Instead of a Bedframe

Hola everyone!

So here I am, living at the new house.  The "big" move was on July 7th.  The movers had re-assembled the bed in my mistress bedroom and set up the room the way I directed (they were so kind and patient with me, doing the guest room just so and also the living room).

The movers were gone before 3 p.m. and I started unboxing some items.  About 8 p.m. I made up my bed, then I scrubbed myself up and got into my PJs; time for sleep on my comfy soft mattress.  I sat down on the bed and KERPLUNK -- the mattresses fell through the frame straight to the floor.

So, there I am, trying to get myself up from an awkward position, legs flailing in the air. 

LOL!  What does one do in such a situation (and position) except laugh.  Of course something like that would happen.  Of course! 

After I extracted myself from the wreck of my bed, I was too tired to make up the bed in the guest room, so I slept on the sofa in the living room.

Next morning, I surveyed the collapsed bed in the mistress bedroom to see if there was any damage.  Hardwood floor came through unscathed, thank goodness!  I examined the bed.  Two thin cross-wires that were supposed to be hooked into the frame to support the box spring and mattress were missing in action.  That's why the bed mattresses collapsed when I sat on it. 

No wire struts to support the mattress, alas.  This my room after I woman-wrestled the mattress
and box spring off the floor and out of the bed frame.  Buhy buhy bed.  I'll sell you to someone
who paints things like you with chalk paint and will make you all fancy and purty.   

I could have done a lot of things at this point.  But honestly, after thinking about it and doing some unpacking while waiting for the AT&T technician to arrive to hook the house up for U-verse internet and telephone, I realized that taking the bed apart and putting it back together with those thin wire "struts" was a pain in the neck.  I had struggled with doing just that on a couple of occasions at Maison Newton when I had switched beds and/or bedrooms around.  Would I blame Joe and Jimmy [the movers] for a small oversight in the larger scheme of the excellent moving job they'd performed for me?  Heck no!   

Soooo, I decided to shop online for a new - easy to put together - bed frame.  Instead of "making do" (can you tell I am the child of Depression Era parents?) I was going to get exactly what I wanted.

So, two days later I'm still shopping online for a reasonably priced bed frame that has what I want and is the proper size (full size).  I never imagined it would be so hard! Pay well over $100 for a full-size bed frame?  Are you nuts?   I'm shopping during my lunch hour at work after having exhausted Amazon, Sears, Target, Penney's, Verlo (a local outfit), when I decided to try -- as a last gasp -- 

I haven't mastered the technique of searching for just what I want when it comes to  Sure, I type in specific information "full size bed frame" in the search box -- and I get 10,000 items, only 100 of which are a bed frame.  What the heck am I doing wrong?

So I started scrolling through my search non-results and lo and behold, my eyes alight upon this, accompanied by the wondrous harmonies of a Heavenly Choir:

LOVE!  I've seen this style of bed before, while searching for other items that I wrote about here.  Never seriously considered buying anything like it for myself.  Until July 10th...

This is the Bailey Charcoal Full Size Bed -- perfect for moi and my 10x12 mistress room at the new house, free shipping, and the price is $316.  (It also comes in twin-size for under $300.) 

I ended up buying a bed I'd always admired but never was able to bring myself to pull the trigger on buying for myself because, you know, "oh, it's soooo expensive" and "oh, I still have a perfectly good bed, all I need is a new (cheap) frame."  So here I am, in my "retirement" home (although retirement is still 2 1/2 years away), finally buying the style of bed I've always wanted, after all these years!  Kick myself in the butt for not having done it sooner but, better late than never, darlings!

I love the look of this bed.  If I were doing a "Look for Less" post, I'd compare it to:

The Dalton French Country Rustic Metal Old World Canopy Bed (king-size) that I found at Kathy Kuo Home:

This bed sells for $3,108.  I paid just a smidegeon over 1/10th of that price!

From RH (f/k/a Restoration Hardware), this less costly but faithfully rendered version, the 19th Century Campaign Iron Canopy Bed, ranging in price (on special right now) from $695 to $1,045, normally priced at $995 to $1,395.  Sizes run from Queen to California King.  I chose the black iron finish as closest to the finish on "my" bed; it also comes in other finishes with different kind of headboard and/or footboard insets:

For the price I paid for the Bailey full-size canopy bed, I'll take less knobs and flourishes :) Kathy Kuo's bed features a custom-printed cloth headboard backdrop.  Several versions of RH's bed also feature cloth headboards/footboards (the bed above has solid metal headboard/footboard).  Perhaps if divine inspiration strikes me one day, I'll try my hand at custom-designing cloth insets that can be laced onto  (or otherwise more professionally attached) to the Bailey's bed frame.  Where there is a will, there is a way!

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