April 6, 2019:


The income taxes are finished and were taken to the Post Office yesterday to send out via certified mail, which now costs nearly $16 for two 8 1/2 11 envelopes with return receipt. Yikes! But worth it because I have proof positive once I get the little green cards back that the returns were delivered and received. And just in case, there are tracking numbers that I can also tap the U.S. Post Office for to verify that delivery was made. In these times, it's better to be safe than sorry

I have been working in little bits and pieces outdoors whenever a window in our crappy weather has presented itself. Today, however, was the first day where I was able to spend an extended period of time outside. First, I cleaned up areas on the sidewalk and driveway along the edges where pine cones and branches tiny branches blown off during the seemingly wind storms we endured over fall and winter 2018-2019. After resting for a bit, and removing the winter hat, gloves and jacket, I moved to the back yard because I'm sick of feeling sick to my stomach every time I look at it through the patio doors in the dining room and window above the kitchen sink. This winter left it a true disaster zone. I worked steadily raking small areas and filled two trash can size black trash bags full of debris blown down from my arborvitaes and neighboring trees over the winter, in addition to about half a ton of nut shells. The nut shells are my fault because I feed all the neighborhood squirrels. They are so entertaining, and very smart! I also made a small dent in starting clean-up of the flower beds, where the "mild" (ahem) weather and thawed earth has encourages perennials to start popping through, whether I'm ready for them or not!

All in all, a somewhat decent start to making a larger dent in clean-up operations. I worked outdoors about 4 hours off and on. I didn't want to overdo it, and truth be told, I'm pooped! It's humbling to not be able to work as long or as hard as I used to. I can get it done, but I have to take lots of rest breaks so it takes quite a bit longer now. Good thing I'm retired


Sunday, July 27, 2014

New House, New Fridge, LOVE!

Hola darlings!

As you can imagine, I've been uber-busy for the past several months, but never more so than the entire month of July. 

The move of the big stuff to my new digs was accomplished by Two Men and a Truck on July 7th; the rest was up to the help of a few friends (family was nowhere to be found, I WILL remember this).  After closing on June 30th, it was a steady stream of car-loads of things -- I am still shocked at just how much there was!  And more yet to haul -- the last dregs stashed in a corner of the garage which will, I hope, be packed up into a friend's van and hauled here after work one evening next week.  I NEED my ironing board, geez!

Anyway, here I am now, unpacking -- endlessly unpacking.  Easter Seals has been the beneficiary of two overflowing boxes of kitchen items I decided I did not need after all, as well as four large bags of clothing.  Just what the heck I'd been thinking holding on to some of those things -- oh well, they're gone now, and hopefully someone will get good use out of them:  three suits, several blazers (separates), some skirts, even a few dressy dresses, even lingerie, woo woo!  I'll never see size 10 again or 34B, geez!  Gad, those items look SO tiny!!!!!

One of the most important purchases for the new digs was a refrigerator that would fit the current space configuration of my kitchen and dinette which are, er, a little strange:

Looks pretty reasonable and nicely updated (for a 60 year old house) -- until you realize that - hey, where's the fridge?

That's right.  The fridge was nowhere to be seen in any of the listing photos of the kitchen!  With good reason.  It wasn't until I had an actual viewing of the place that I saw the ----

AWFUL FRANKENSTEIN TRANSFORMERESQUE REFRIGERATOR... Seriously, it was like The Refrigerator That Ate Chicago.

This fridge's image was borrowed from Best Buy.

Okay, perhaps the example fridge above is a little too monstrous.  Nah.  The thing was huge, absolutely ginormous.  It was at least 36" wide and stuck out from the wall at least as much, Holy Hathor!  I do understand that a young family with a firefighter husband and two growing boys (and a big dog) eat a lot of food, but honestly! 

Anyway, there was no way I needed and sure the heck did not WANT such a giant-sized space-sucking fridge.  So I specifically excluded it from my offer.  Sellers happily sold it on Craig's List when they relocated to their new home.  I didn't want the hassle.

I was not left refrigeratorless.  There is a fridge, a perfectly functional GE fridge, in the wreck room in the bar area of the basement.  So, from the time I moved in (July 7th) until Friday, July 25th, I was hiking up and down the basement stairs several times a day/night to get food to cook upstairs and refill my wine glass (a constant stream of wine, let me tell you!)

To make a long story short, at this point in my life I decided to just go for the gusto and get what I REALLY wanted, which was a Euro styled, cabinet-depth fridge.  I splurged, paying more for one refrigerator than I'd ever paid for an entire suite of appliances in my life!  Gulp!

I wanted something that would fit the space and not take up too much room.  While I briefly entertained possibly buying a black fridge to match the existing electric stove, microwave and dishwasher, in the end I opted for stainless steel.  Anyway, the size and style of fridge I wanted did not come in black, only white and stainless steel.

After a lot of research, started the same day I knew I had an accepted offer on this place, I finally placed an order at Home Depot on July 13th; the fridge shipped from New York on July 15th and was delivered on July 25th.  It was ready to be delivered a few days earlier, but they called Tuesday last at work and wanted to deliver the next day!  No way could I put in for a day off that quickly, so Friday the 25th was arranged.

I was shocked when the truck arrived early and with only one man!  How on earth, I thought, could one man possibly unload and get a fridge up the two steps of the porch from the driveway, plus the big step up to the landing at the side door, plus another step up into the kitchen.  But lo and behold, he did it.  I saw it with my own eyes and I still can't believe it happened, LOL! 

Without further ado, here is the fridge I bought:

Okay, just joking :)

Here she is, unboxed and set-up:

This is a Summit 9.85 cubic foot fridge with freezer on the bottom.  Love the sleek styling!  It has a footprint of 24" x 24" (not including the handles, which stick out a couple of inches).  The finish is "platinum"; it stainless on the front and a satin finished "grey" on the sides. 

Some particulars:

  • ENERGY STAR qualified for guaranteed savings
  • Bottom freezer adds convenience to any home kitchen
  • Large capacity in counter depth 24 in. footprint
  • Stainless steel door brings modern elegance to any room
  • Frost-free freezer and auto defrost refrigerator section provide energy efficient, user friendly cooling
  • Scalloped steel wine shelf included for storing bottles
  • Advanced sound absorbing construction for an ultra quiet performance
  • Unique freezer design with removable transparent pull-out drawers to keep the cold inside, even when the door is opened
  • Reversible doors allow flexible placement options
  • Adjustable glass shelves and two clear crisper drawers provide versatile storage solutions

  • I have since planted a pair of metal nesting tables next to the fridge to "hide" the plug and outlet. She runs very quietly, a lot quieter than the 2010 fridge I left behind at Maison Newton.

    As you can see, the fridge is located ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ENTRANCE to the kitchen.  The fridge the sellers had was located in this same spot, but was 1.5 times larger and ate into the dining space (not all that large to begin with!)  Can you imagine a family of four eating at a little square table on stools -- bar height -- that looks like something out of a pub?  I can't!  There were also two lower stools shoved underneath the overhand of the peninsula, and that was their dining space.

    I am making changes :)

    Eventually, a remodel will happen.  But until I save up the $$$$ for that, I am very happy with how my kitchen/dinette looks with my Euro-style Summit fridge.

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